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About Us

Tamar Aquatics offers many services and expertise within aquatics & exotic animals. Confident in suppling not only the equipment and animals but also delivering fantastic knowledge to ensure you have the best success.

The business has expanded over the years to include construction materials and tapping into the latest products the industry has to offer.


Values & Ethics

We are conscious on the practices we conduct and what homes our animals are going to. As such, we will not hesitate to refuse service if we believe our animals will be at risk of harm.

Animal welfare is of top priority at Tamar Aquatics. As such we keep our animals in the best condition possible. Through weekly water changes for fish, health checks daily on everyone and enrichment is provided for all animals.

This allows the animals to express more natural behaviour, allowing them to thrive.

The Future

Our primary mission to provide the best quality customer service and fantastic education to those who need it. Through education, one can provide a much better environment for their animals and develop the hobby in a greater way.

Nature is essential part of life. We have never been more disconnected from nature than now, more than  ever. To that end, we specialise in aquascaping which really brings your aquarium to life and inviting nature into your home.

Image by Ricky Davis
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