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Plant Care

Here you will find a great plethora of information to help you understand aquatic plants on a whole new level. You'll discover how lighting, nutrients, water changes all have an effect and our recommends for success.


Check out our algae guide to keep the dreaded pest at bay.

Knowing what plants to choose can be a tricky venture when you're first starting out. Dive into our insights on starting out.

Feeding your plants is an absolute MUST for them to not only survive but thrive. Here we'll explain the science and why you should.

Lighting is the driving force of growth in your plants and algae. Question is, how much is too much? Get the balance right for your aquarium.

An often missed topic that is vital to the health of your fish and plants. Without flow, ammonia can remain, cause algae issues and health issues in your fish.

Algae is the number one reason why hobbyist leave this amazing hobby. Preventing algae can be easily done with the right measurements in place. 

Great! You've created your aquascape, next job is to maintain it. Here's what we discovered!


Need additional help?

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