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Everything you need for your aquatic family.

Cornwall's Finest Aquarium & Pond Store

Tamar Aquatics began its renovations to a new level in 2022. Since then our quality of fish, plants and products have increased tremendously. Our choice ranges from, Tetra, American Cichlids, Puffer Fish, Knifefish, Livebearers, Oranda, Killifish and more! With a newly fitted fish room and pond vats, we're now able to provide you with a great experience from when you first walk through our door.

Our variety of tropical fish is huge, and we mean HUGE. With nearing on 100 aquariums we have a wide array to suit everyone. Not to mention our high quality plants that can suit any aquascape you wish to create, with the help of our aquascaping dojo you can design your own aquascape to ensure you love what you have before your purchase.

Our staff have a combined knowledge of over 30 years experience with aquariums, plants and aquascaping. We've made the mistakes so you don't have to, feeling rest assured we have you covered with your questions.

Why Choose Our Fish & Plants?

HUGE Selection Of Fish

Bio Security Measures

High Quality Plant Selection

Backed with Knowledge & Experience

The Most Trusted Suppliers

New Choices Every Week

Collaborating With The Best

See What We Have To Offer

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